Ara’s Rocky Mountains

By now, everyone must have gasped in horror, slapped themselves to check if they’re dreaming, or even jumped off a building (kidding) after seeing Ara Mina’s disastrous interview with Mo Twister. You must have also read the retort of Ara Mina regarding this incident, saying that she was surprised with the issue, and a ton of other shitty lame excuses.

I cannot imagine how someone like her could have the nerve to run for public office. I am in no way demeaning her. But come on, how are we supposed to take you seriously when you don’t even watch the news? Or for pete’s sake, ever heard of the friggin’ V-F-A?

We’re bombarded with public servant wannabes who in reality are just pathetic excuses for persons who want to “instigate change” and “be the change” in the political system.

Does she even know what are the functions of a City Councilor? Surely, she must know it’s not parading her glorious rocky mountains, right?

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