Let’s Talk About Sex

I read in Inquirer how seven presidential candidates reacted negatively to DOH’s distribution of condoms last Valentine’s Day.

I wouldn’t say that I am against or for this act of DOH. Realistically speaking, the country is in a state of crisis. Moral, economic, and whatnot. I do agree with what Nicanor Perlas said, asking under what context was the distribution done. Good thing JC de los Reyes cited what happened to Thailand when they pulled this same thing too.

Besides, purchasing that much condom at the DOH’s expense is a pretty dumb move–financially speaking. The government should stop treating Filipinos as children who needs to be ushered into their seats or be given a lollipop to shut up and keep them happy.

What we need is a real nitty-gritty information campaign on sex. Sex education. It’s time that we cut loose this moral righteousness of Filipinos and just embrace the fact that we can’t isolate ourselves from what’s going on in the world–sex is everywhere. We cannot be shielded anymore from the barrage of sexual images plaguing the edges of our country. We have to accept the fact that this a new age, sex is a reality they can never censor.

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