The Light

“It” penetrated through the cracks,
seeped through my crumbling walls,
suffocating, intoxicating
it lured me in, out… but no!

Bruised by the edges of its skin,
touching, scraping, penetrating into mine
I ran into the burning midday sun, and

I was,
a weightless constellation in space, floating;
a crimson body in an abyss, free.

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  • a vivid imagery , as I see it , it’s full of sexula undertones.thanks for sharing it , a well written poem indeed.

  • hi , I ‘ve the honor to give you an award that you deserve very much due to your brilliant pieces of writing.keep it up and good luck. check the award in my blog.

  • Hmm… and “it” is?? (I like your poem!)

    • “it” can be anything 🙂
      thanks for visiting my site!