A Quick Weekend in Puerto Galera

So I’m back from a quick weekend getaway to Puerto Galera with Babe, Ken, and Jeck. We were originally 10 in this trip but the others backed out. We were a little disappointed that everybody didn’t get to go but the four of us really wanted this trip to push through so we went ahead. So what if we were only four in this trip and I’m the only girl? I’m one of the boys anyway.

I’m not ashamed to say that it was my first time in Puerto  Galera and I love my first experience there. 🙂

March 19, 2010 (Friday)

We weren’t allowed to take a leave so we had to go to the office first. After a grueling day at the office, Babe, Jeck, Joey, and I went drinking at Krocodile Grille with Sir Ron. It was hell of a night! Sir Ron got drunk and kept reminding Pao to take care of me because he’s lucky to have me daw. 🙂

He also told me this: “Wag mong i-baby si Pao, Hanna.” Sir Ron gives the best advice when he’s drunk. Haha! Ken arrived too after attending a friend’s wedding. We left Shang at around 3am and went to Ken’s house. He packed, while Pao and I “tried” to get some sleep but ended up watching a movie instead.

March 20, 2010 (Saturday)

We left Ken’s house at 5AM and caught a bus to Batangas City Pier  from Buendia. From Buendia, the fare costs 170 pesos. By 8:30-9:00am, we arrived at the pier.

We bought two-way tickets for 450 per person.  It took a while before the ferry left and the ride was bumpy but not enough to get me seasick. The ride was long and exhausting because the ferry went to the Calapan port (I think) first before dropping us off at White Beach.

When we got to the beach, Babe took care of where we’re gonna stay and all. The room is right in front of the beach, sparing us from long walks and all. It was 1,500 per night and the landlady was really nice to us. The room didn’t have TV at first but after Babe convinced the lady that he really wanted a TV, the lady managed to give us a TV. Well, she couldn’t help gushing at the sight of Paolo kasi. Haha!

After having lunch (which consisted of Sisig topped with cheese, Caldereta topped with cheese, Carbonara, and fresh Calamansi Juice), Jeck bought some board shorts while I bought a white sun dress.

We slept the whole afternoon away after that because we were all dead tired and still badly hung over. Babe hates swimming at beaches because he gets reaaaally red so even though he looked so ready for a swim, he never once took a dip or waded in the beach. Ken and I woke up at around 5pm and went to the beach. We left the two boys in the room still sleeping like babies.

When Babe and Jeck finally woke up, we all sat by the beach and waited for the sun to set.

Dinner time was so funny because I couldn’t help but notice that most of the servers in restaurants are gay. I have to admit that the gay waiters add “color” to Puerto Galera nights. Dinner was heavy because the restaurant served unlimited garlic rice.

We all took a quick shower and headed back to the beach. Then disaster happened to me. You see, the restaurants are elevated by a foot and a half from the beach. I didn’t notice that I was already at the edge and that there were no stairs in front of me but rather a small ramp. I stepped forward then slid like a moron onto the beach. I fell butt first, scraped my ass (I was wearing a dress) and caught the attention of the people quietly dining in front of me. I stood up, laughed it off, walked towards the beach and sat down. I hurt my ankle and couldn’t walk. What a way to start a night of partying, right? I walked limply while Babe tried to massage my ankle. The boys think this is karma catching up on me because I kept making fun of Ken and Jeck’s photos earlier in the afternoon.

We found a table by the beach and drank the night away. The much-raved-about Mindoro Sling didn’t taste that good. It tastes just like Weng-Weng.

Babe and I had a huge fight in the middle of the drinking spree, by the way. It was a real intense fight. When two Scorpios clash, expect some brutal shouting. Our fight proved too intense for Jeck and Ken who left Babe and I to talk. We managed to patch things up eventually because we didn’t want to ruin the night. But my eyes were already swollen from all the crying and I became the clown of the night.

When we started walking back to our room, we encountered a guy in the beach who offered us  a shot. I gladly obliged and asked for another shot. Nothing beats free alcohol from a complete stranger. I was utterly dizzy by the time we got to our room. I wanted to sleep but Babe forced me to take a shower and take out my contacts. I vomited twice in the bathroom, by the way. I tried asking for a kiss from Paolo and he refused to give me one. “Yucccck! Sumuka ka ehhh!” Hahaha! I managed to steal one though after I made him believe that I did brush my teeth when in fact, I didn’t.  I will forever remember the look in his face that night. 🙂

March 21, 2010 (Sunday)

Our last day in Puerto Galera. We woke up at 9am and contemplated if we’re gonna stay another night. Babe and I wanted to stay for another night but Ken and Jeck already wanted to go home. Ken and I went swimming again and tried skipping stones. Ken’s a master at this! Haha!

We went back to the room and Babe was already watching TV. As in he never went swimming talaga. Anyway, our ferry’s scheduled to leave at 3:30pm so we ate lunch and looked for items to bring home. Babe and I scoured the stalls for a black necklace for him but we couldn’t find one. We just bought shades and several shirts.

We paid the lady an additional 450 pesos because we had to extend our stay in the room for three more hours. When we left the room, we were shocked to see that our ferry literally just hoisted its anchor up and left. We missed the ferry by seconds! Babe sweet-talked someone if they could let us in on another ferry and we were able to board the next one. The trip was much shorter because from White Beach, the ferry didn’t go to Calapan anymore.

When we arrived at the Pier, we ate a little and went our separate ways. Ken and Jeck boarded a Cubao-bound bus while Babe and I contemplated if we’re gonna board an Alabang-bound bus or a Pala-Pala-bound van. I opted for the Alabang bus, where I boarded another van to Cavite.

I was home by 9pm. But not after I earned for myself another wound on the back of my right thigh. I brought home nine bruises and one wound. Sweeet.

* * *

This April, Babe and I will return to Puerto Galera with Siz and Chris. On June, an office mate will get married in Bicol. We plan to go to Caramoan too after the wedding. I can’t wait for this trip. 🙂

Note: Photos are from the uber awesome Ken Gaerlan!

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  • ayi

    omg! you’re soo hotness! 😀
    and the kiss, oh my. it’s like a wedding kiss. hahaha. perfect!
    sorry i’ma sucker for sweet and happy couple kaya o.a ako.
    you sure had fun there! hurray! 🙂

  • ayi

    omg! you’re soo hotness! 😀
    and the kiss, oh my. it’s like a wedding kiss. hahaha. perfect!
    sorry i’ma sucker for sweet and happy couple kaya o.a ako.
    you sure had fun there! hurray! 🙂

    • awww thanks ayie! 🙂 in la, la, la love! i love you!

  • ganda ng lente, prime?

    • i’m not sure eh.. photos were taken by a friend.. you can check his flickr though. it’s in the blog post 😉