Murder and Words

We’re number one, the best, the prime, the cream of the crop.

Well, that is, at being the most dangerous country for journalists. And that’s something that will definitely ruin anybody’s perfectly sunny and optimistic day, not to mention distract you from enjoying the daily crossword in your favorite newspaper.

It’s a wonder how a tiny country like ours could cause so much bedlam that unwillingly calls the attention of the rest of the world. It’s a wonder how we are dubbed as the happiest people in the world and yet be shrouded by so much gloom and bring death to innocent civilians who just happened to have the big and bold letters that spell M-E-D-I-A printed on their company IDs. It’s a wonder too how media killings seemed to be getting more brutal and obvious through the years. And isn’t it a wonder how all these are happening at Arroyo’s reign? You can start clicking your fingers on your chin right about now. No, don’t.

Let’s not point fingers at someone just because everyone else says it is her fault, just because you know too little of what’s happening and just want to sound like you actually know how to read a newspaper.

More than correcting the administration, what we need is an extreme moral uprising, a complete moral makeover that will clean out the greed clinging in people’s gut. And I’m not just talking about the killers or whatnot. Even the officials who should be at the forefront of ensuring that no moral laws or whatsoever is broken or crossed by media killers are just as plagued by apathy and indifference. They too, should bathe in law and order.

Or could it be procrastination that’s helping media killers run freely? You can’t put death on hold; neither righteous action. While it should be noted that Arroyo did show effort in answering the call to put a stop to these hapless killings through the $92,000 Press Freedom Fund, I believe we have all the right to say that it’s not enough.

Obviously, what is happening in our country is a moral issue—it’s a person’s insatiable need for power with absolutely no thoughts as to the rightness or wrongness of their actions. It’s something that exists not just in our shore. In fact, all countries are plagued with this too. The only thing that sets us apart from them is that people here have tied their morals onto a kite and let it fly in the wind off to somewhere, nowhere, or wherever.

If you think about it, the only reason why journalists are killed is because they did their job—and did it so fucking (excuse me for the inappropriateness of the word) good it rocked the wits out of whoever their story is for. Thinking randomly, I would probably say that yes, I’ll die for one great story—just as long as I bring one fat or short corrupt official down, too. On a more serious note, this does prove that our society has gone to the dumps. Journalists stand up for the truth and work 24/7 yet they get a miniscule paycheck for their efforts or in some cases, death is the hefty price they pay.

Being a journalist is just like any other day job, only they bear heavier responsibilities that ordinary office people would bang their heads against the wall for.

A journalist or two being killed is an abomination. Journalists are every country’s little Switzerland (ideally speaking)  and they, who uphold absolute fairness and transparency in every facet of society deserves to be treated more humanely than be raped, shot to death, tortured, and buried without any speck of dignity or hint of conscience.

To kill a person is an act of absolute evil. To kill a neutral, unknowing journalist is absolute evil to the nth power. It’s beyond evil. And those who have laid a finger on journalists deserve to be put where they belong—beyond the threshold of hell.

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