It’s A Hair Thing

This photo was taken last Sunday. Mel is fatally heartbroken so we tried to cheer him up over pound-inducing burgers, nuggets, fries, sundaes, and coke. Well, it wasn’t really our plan to meet up. Mel sent me a message wanting to randomly meet up just because he needs to talk to someone. I dragged King and Joni with me too. We all ended up at Belle’s house, planning our Palawan vacation this June (hopefully) and remembering our silly high school classmates. Just like what Belle said, it’s always fun to talk about old friends who are always m-i-a come reunion season. So it was all good, clean gossip.

Wait up. That’s not the reason why I posted this photo!

I really just want to know if curly hair suits me. I want to get a perm (again) but some “guy” is ridiculously against this idea. Soooo, what do you think?

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  • haku, i like the curls on you! 🙂 go get the curls. the “guy” better learn how to live with it. nobody should get in between girls and their hairdo. ;P

  • haha! thanks justine! 🙂