My Top Ten: Best Girls of America’s Next Top Model

Inspired by The Morning Show’s Top Ten, I have put here my ten favorite girls from America’s Next Top Model.

Allison Harvard, the girl who has this weird affinity with blood–bloody noses to be exact. She came in second place in Season 12. I love this girl.

Analeigh Tipton, the gorgeous figure skater who came in third place in Cycle 11. Her face is perfect for a Guess campaign, don’t you think?

Anya Kop is the runner-up from Cycle 10. Her face is so dreamy. She’s like an Ice Queen.

Caridee English won in Cycle 7. Her personality carried her in the competition. I love her!

Elyse Sewell. I want to name my kid after her. Haha.

Erin Wagner from Cycle 13. She should have at least placed second to Nicole Fox.

Kahlen Rondot from Cycle 4. This girl has no idea how pretty she is. She placed second to Naima.

Marjorie Conrad from Cycle 11. I love her style and vibe. She looks so editorial.

Nicole Fox. The big winner of Cycle 13, this girl can model. Like, seriously. If Allison Harvard is the girl known for wanting to have a bloody nose, Nicole Fox on the other hand is known for her bloody eyeball.

Nicole Linkletter of Cycle 5. She doesn’t even have to try. She can stand still and sell a garment.

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  • I like Nicole Fox (Season 13), although she does look really sneaky. She acts weird but transforms in front of a cam. 🙂
    And the pic you picked for Marjorie (Cycle 11), is the one that she was criticized. Ehe. But she does look editorial.

    • Yeah, I remember that picture of Marjorie. Although I like the “vibe” of that picture–looks like a GAP ad. 😀

  • I love Allison too! :)))

    • Yeah, Allison should have won!