Three Beers and Love

It’s a Friday today and I decided to skip work. Last night, we ended up drinking again. This time, we skipped The Watering Hole because they boys didn’t like it there. We went to Shang and was tempted to try this restaurant we passed by that offered bottomless Margarita for the night. But when I saw that they already had a Margarita mix in an iced tea dispenser, I backed off. We settled in some sushi place.

The main topic of the night was about love, temptation and cheating boyfriends. You see, Jeck has “officially” shed off his playboy image. Why? Let me quote the man: “Tama ka Hanna, nakahanap ako ng katapat ko.” Anyway, we all had this really confusing and long conversation about how, for me, men will always find a reason to cheat on their girlfriends or wives no matter how nearly-perfect their girlfriends or wives are. Having been cheated on, I told Jeck that just because some women (like me) think cheating is a fact of life, that doesn’t imply that they can use the “I’m-a-man-with-a-raging-testosterone excuse” to get away with cheating. Let’s be clear, “checking out” another woman is not cheating. It’s perfectly fine to look at some girl and marvel at her unworldly beauty, really. I mean, girls do that all the time. We drool at the sight of a cute boy too, you know. But anything that borders beyond “checking out”? Nuh-uh.

After a few more bottles of beer, the conversation drifted to hooking up with pretty girls. I was surprised to hear that they unanimously think that pretty girls are so not worth it. “They’re too in love with themselves,” said Ken or Pao. One of three boys even mentioned that “probinsyanas” are great girlfriends because they don’t need to be picked up to and from a certain place, they can be taken anywhere without complaining, they’re not full of themselves, and that they are genuinely caring and thoughtful. Apparently, men are crazy for independent women.

Then Jeck asked me why women get so jealous. I gave him two good reasons:

    1. Your girlfriend is insecure.
    2. You don’t make her feel that you really love her.

Well, these are my own reasons why I get jealous so I wouldn’t know if these imply to others as well.

It was a great night because I learned loads from these three men–one of them being my boyfriend, who has a sharp memory by the way! He remembers the things I told him the first time we went out. đŸ™‚

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