Top Ten: Alcohol I Could Drink For Weeks

I’m not an alcoholic, okay? I just happen to love spending most of my nights with a glass of alcohol in my hand. 🙂 Here are ten of my favorite drinks.

1. Classic Mojito – A classic drink of lime, sugar, rum, and mint. Gosh this is my all-time favorite! I love this drink so much I even order this for lunch whenever we dine at Friday’s. I’ve had too many terrible Mojito experiences before so trust me, go to Friday’s or Amber Ultralounge for the best Classic Mojito. You can also have Raspberry Mojito for the girly-girls out there. Never order this when you’re in Gweilos or Bed Scene, okay?

2. Margarita – Okay, this is a classic ladies drink that I order when I’m feeling girly. 😀 The best Margarita I’ve tasted is the one that Sidebar Cafe (El Pueblo, Ortigas) makes. Unfortunately, Sidebar Cafe closed down already. I might have to look for another bar that serves good Margarita. But so far, Sidebar’s still on top of my list for the go-to place for Margarita.

3. Long Island Iced Tea – I have been on the quest for the perfect Long Island Iced Tea for quite a  while now. So far, the Long Island Iced Tea of Encore passed my tastebuds. Although I’m pretty sure there’s a better bartender out there who can whip up magic with this drink, Encore will do.

4. Pina Colada – Do you want to get drunk, wasted, and wake up from a terrible hangover? Skip this. But I love this drink! It perks me up like crazy.

5. Beer – I consider myself as one of the boys so I love beer as much as they do.

6. Absolut Citron + Sprite – This is a drink I got from Babe’s friends. Whenever we go to Amber, they would usually just order a bottle of Absolut and soda so they can mix their own drink. It spares them from the hassle of having to line up at the bar. Babe mixes this drink for me and it tastes awesome.

7. Johnnie Walker – This is Babe’s favorite drink next to beer. When we go out, he orders a bottle of this. This is a very manly drink but I learned to appreciate whiskey now. Mix this with Coke and you’re good to go.

8. Cosmopolitan – Who doesn’t love a glass of Cosmo on a dull night? 🙂

9. Bad Girl – This is a cocktail mix that I learned when Siz, Rej, Ves, and I went to BF. At first sip, you won’t feel the kick of alcohol at all. But after a few hours, the alcohol would start to kick like crazy and the next thing you know, you’re piss drunk.

10. Apple Martini – A variation of the classic Martini! Yum yum yum!

Gee, remembering all the drinks I’ve had made me want to go out and party tonight!

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  • You’re correct, you are not an alcoholic. Real drunks will drink nearly anything but, it is rare that they have more than 2 or 3 favorite drinks. Bloody Mary’s in the morning, beer for the day, and Irish Whiskey for night. That’s the way I do it. Nevertheless, congratulations on not limiting yourself. Cheers.

    • You drink every single day?

  • karidancer1212

    i gotta say, that your list is pretty good from my experiences, though i cant say i really know the particular places you go to get the drinks. as far as the pina coladas go, are you saying that they do get you drink, wasted, and a terrible hangover, or that they wont?

    • Just like any other alcohol, you will get drunk when you’ve had too many pina coladas. Although you won’t find consistency in how pina coladas are mixed.

      Where do you live? Are you from the Philippines? 🙂