Dirty Politics

Noynoy Aquino. How do I even begin to explain the oh-so-obvious? He is not the Philippines’ salvation. Come on, if you have a brain that actually functions, you would know better than to elect someone who has lived behind the glory of his parents. What has he done as a senator? Zilch. How can  you expect Noynoy to head the government when he hasn’t even proven himself as a senator? If he wins, I can almost imagine how the next six years of my life as a Filipino will be all about words and promises–just that.

Dick Gordon. A seasoned public servant, Gordon proves that he is a man of action. He is outspoken though often loud. He speaks his mind and it doesn’t matter if it needs to be bleeped on national television. This man has the courage and guts to implement the law. He’s a generous man–with an iron fist. With him, I see a boom in  the tourism industry, a more disciplined populace, a cleaner metropolis, and real tangible progress.

Manny Villar. They say money talks in politics. And Villar is probably the epitome of that phrase. He’s every inch a businessman–a successful one at that. How he was able to attain that success, on the other hand, is something that puzzles and amazes me at the same time. If he ever wins, there’s a possibility of progress for the country. I mean, businessmen are always about ensuring the success of their brand, or in this case, the success of their/our country. Villar could easily win–if only his character is as solid as his business corporations.

Gilbert Teodoro. Intelligence immortalized. Gibo has  always been my choice for president. Just look at how he carries himself amid all the hullabaloo within their party. Look at how focused he is with his campaign while the other candidates or too busy slinging mud and boulders. He’s a fortress. I read somewhere that when they think of Gibo, they remember NDCC’s failure when Ondoy and Pepeng hit us. I say, screw that! Everybody fails at least once or twice in our lives. He’s the youngest candidate but he’s the one who exudes political maturity.

As for the other candidates, I might write about them some other time.

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  • cinnamonsighs

    I haven’t decided on who to vote, but I’m putting Gordon and Gibo on the scales. But as of today, Gordon’s weighing much, much more than Gibo. Gilbert Teodoro can’t seem to handle his party mates, what more the nation?

    • You’re torn between two of (what I think) the best presidential candidates so it’s all good 🙂 I actually feel sorry for Gibo because I feel like part of the reason why his party mates are leaving is because they want to be associated with the “definite” winners such as Noynoy and Manny. As they say, when you’re in politics, never side with the losers.