I Heart You Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus

I’m a big Siobhan Magnus fan. I just gravitate toward her. Maybe it’s something about her quirky personality and fuck-them-all-I’m-doing-my-own-thing attitude that makes her adorable. She’s unbelievably humble when she speaks. There’s a certain  awkwardness to her voice when she talks too. I don’t know what is it about her, I just know that she’s a genuine talent.

Truthfully, Siobhan is not the best singer this season. But she edges over the other contestants simply because she is who she is. Clearly, Siobhan is the dark horse. I think Simon and Kara are intentionally dissing Siobhan so that the voters would swing to Crystal and/or Michael.

I especially loved what she said during Elvis night when Simon said that the song (Suspicious Minds) Siobhan chose wasn’t “her” in the “real world.”

“Even I can’t pinpoint who or what I am and I’ve always kind of taken pride in that. I’m not just one kind of singer or one kind of person. And, I mean, if I can’t even label myself I don’t think it’s necessary to be labeled. I just love to sing.

I want  a Siobhan-Crystal finale. That would be absolutely amazing.

I wish I could vote for Siobhan.

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