Ranting About Mandarin Wok in Ortigas

Me and my officemates frequent Mandarin Wok (the one behind El Pueblo Real) because its a convenient after-office hangout place. They have select good grub and fairly-priced beer buckets. Last Wednesday (March 31, 2010), my officemates and I saw ourselves back in Mandarin Wok again for a night of beer. All was well until they had to close way too early. I think it was 10 to 11:00 PM when they called out for each table’s last orders. We ordered more buckets of beer. We still had food at the time so we didn’t see the need to order for more. But half an hour later, we were all out of food. With th e 7-11 store right across Mandarin Wok, I went there and bought a bag of chips. I went back to Mandarin Wok, opened the bag of chips and ate away. When we finished the chips, I asked the boys if they wanted to eat some more chips and they said yes, so I bought two more bags. But when I went back to Mandarin Wok, this girl got in front of me and told me that I can’t bring in the two bags of chips I just bought. I asked why and she said that customers can’t bring in food to the restaurant. And customers who would like to bring in food (Yes, EVEN a friggin bag of chips, according to this girl) HAVE to pay their corkage fee of 1,000 pesos PER FOOD ITEM. So, it meant that I had to pay 2,000 pesos for a 40-peso purchase. I immediately got pissed off. With alcohol running in my veins, I snapped back at the girl.

Me: “Are you fucking serious? Seryoso ka?! 1,000 pesos for a bag of chips?! So your customers can’t eat all even if we’re dying in hunger?!”

Girl: “Yes, Ma’am. Bawal po. Kasi sa perimeter pa rin namin niyo kakainin eh. Saka po yun yung halaga ng food namin.”

Me: “Eh you’re closed na, what are we supposed to do? Eat beer bottles for pulutan?”

Girl: “Ma’am kasi po bawal talaga.”

Me: “What the fuck. O sige, di ko ‘to kakainin. Magbabayad pa din ako?!”

Girl: “Hindi po, ma’am.”

It was a pretty long conversation with this girl. I even went back to our table, ranted to Babe, Jeck, Ken, and Sir Ron and went back to the girl and confronted her again. I will definitely not return to Mandarin Wok, ever again. 1,000 pesos corkage fee for a bag of chips? Eat dung.

I don’t have any problem with corkage fees. But thing is, I wasn’t bringing in a brown bag of takeout pizzas or pastas. It was a fucking bag of ¬†chips. Sheesh.

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