Relationship Boo-Boos

Last Thursday was spent with my loves  Siz,  Justine, Pao, and Chris. I know Justine would kill me if I blog about why we had to get together that night so I won’t say anything. The point is, it was a night that I hope, instilled some sense into this girl’s brain. I know that our experience won’t and will never apply to her life. What she’s going through is for her to figure out. Even if you tell us all the details, it won’t be the same as being in your place, going through the pain, confusion, and all.

Be strong, Justine. We all love you! :*

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  • ayi

    i may not know what’s going on, but i am praying and hoping also that justine will make it.. through it all.
    i love you both. good thing you’re there hann. 🙂

    • yie, i love you too, you know that. wish i could bearhug everyone i know and adore, you included. miss you dear! 🙂