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Ms. Marie and Sir Ron before playing

If you’ve been following my Twitter, you would know that Babe and I seriously need to get in shape. And part of our plan is sign up at Fitness First and play Badminton at least once or twice a week.┬áLuckily Sir Ron and his girlfriend, Ms. Marie, would also like to try their hand at Badminton so we found ourselves Badminton buddies.

Yesterday, we all met up at SM Megamall where Ms. Marie bought a Wilson Badminton racket first. I was a varsity player back in elementary and early high school and the most expensive Yonex rackets then cost around 2,000 pesos. I was surprised to see that Yonex sells for 4,000 pesos now. We went to Metro Badminton, it’s near Robinsons Pioneer and just behind Cybergate Center.

Babe actually doesn’t know how to play very much. He looked good playing though. Haha. I’m pretty sure he’s still in bed while I’m writing this. His arms and legs must be aching. Oh well, that’s a good sign though. On Monday, we’ll check the Fitness First branch at the Penthouse of Wynsum Corporate Plaza. It’s right behind our office, which would be super convenient for us.

Babe after the game

The place was packed! I saw several players who I can tell have been playing for a long time. I suddenly envied them. What if I continued my Badminton career? What if I never stopped training, never stopped playing, never got too busy to play? ┬áMaybe I wouldn’t be as rusty as I was yesterday. God, I sucked. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating but my form and stance were not in top form. At least I still have the stamina to run around the court, though.

Super sweaty after the game!

Babe and I won over the other couple. But we also had a girls versus boys match where, of course, we won. Haha. Right after playing, we went to Yoohoo Bar-B-Q Grill (I’m not sure if that’s the right spelling) which is also very near Metro Badminton. We had Sisig, Barbecue, Bangus, Tokwa, and a bucket of beer.

Talk about losing weight, eh?

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