Christina Aguilera Is Not Herself Tonight

Christina Aguilera's latest album

From her self-titled debut album to Stripped, then Back to Basics and now Bionic, you could see how Christina Aguilera never stuck to one look. With every album she released, she was a different woman every time. That’s what I love about her, she never rushes in releasing an album. She takes her time figuring out what she wants to do next and completely immerses herself in the lifestyle and of whatever her new album will be.

Some are quick to say that her new look is awfully similar to Lady Gaga’s. I somehow agree with that, but then again, Lady Gaga is not an original too. I’m feeling more of a Madonna vibe from Christina Aguilera. You know, Madonna’s Like A Virgin days.

Christina Aguilera will perform on the finale night of American Idol. I’m not eager for that performance though because Siobhan Magnus just got cut. Christina Aguilera should mentor American Idol. Those amateurs need a good kick on the butt.

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  • jecoup

    Hindi ko masyado gusto yung Not Myself Tonight, para kasing Dirrty 2.0 lang ulit and I liked her Back to Basics material parang step back lang and I think hindi na dapat ganyan image iproject nya now that she’s a married mom or maybe I’m just conservative hehe. I love her voice though I hope the next single is ala Beautiful.

  • She has songs din naman sa Bionic that are typical Christina–ballads and all. Listen to “Lift Me Up” đŸ™‚