Looking for Lily

It was a chilly day. And Lily loved chilly nights more than smoldering hot days. More than she adores dipping her fries in caramel sundaes. More than snickering at a decently dressed lady walking by her. More than she likes to stick her gum under a park bench. But it was different today.

Lily loved to walk. She loved that walking doesn’t require deep, wise thoughts. You just swing your right leg front, then the left, the right one again. Lily walked and walked. She doesn’t will her feet to whoosh to the left, steer to the right, hop over poop, gallop to the tune of Ice Ice Baby. Walking comes naturally for her. Sometimes she would walk with her favorite pair of shoes off, just so she could feel the eenie meanie road bumps prick the soles of her feet. She loved the feeling.

Oh, she was in love with walking. But often, she would find herself in the exact same place where she started without intending to. Life works that way. If you don’t have a millimeter idea of where you want go, the whole world does all the dirty work for you–he (or she?) brings you right smack back to where you left off. And that’s exactly the reason why she loved completely pointless, nonsensical walking—she always ends up somewhere.

If you’ve been following my previous blog site, you would know who Lily is. This is just another one of her whacked out (mis)adventures.

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