Tequila Weekend

This weekend, my office mates and I will be going to an all-booze, all-fun weekend at a private resort in Pansol. Our company is yet to schedule a summer outing and I think there won’t be an outing anyway.

There have been rumors circulating around the office though that the big bosses are planning an overseas trip with us and the Japanese team later this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this pushes through. Before I got signed with the company, the big bosses brought everyone to an all-expense paid trip to Boracay while the others got to go abroad. Do I have the most rotten luck or what?

Anyway, since outlook is pretty dim, we took the initiative to plan our own getaway (this time it’s not just me, Babe, Ken, and Jeck) even if we’re on a tight budget. We started as a huge group of almost 20 and now we’re trimmed to a mere 9-people group. Oh I hate last-minute back outs. We rented the place at 19,500 pesos from Friday night (11PM) until Sunday afternoon (5PM) so maybe it’s a good enough deal. But if we knew beforehand that some of our officemates would eventually back out, we would have gone to the beach instead. Darn it. I really can’t believe we’ll be spending more than 20,000 pesos for this Laguna trip!

I’m looking forward to this weekend only because I can finally drink all the alcohol that I want without having to worry about what excuse I can tell my mom and how I’m supposed to make it to my boyfriend after he’s forced to bring me home piss drunk. And also because I get to be with the boyfriend without having to be discreet about our relationship. Oh by the way, I wish I was able to photograph the boys’ faces as they were figuring out how many packs of cigarettes we have to buy for this trip earlier today. đŸ™‚

P.S. I hate how I seem to crave alcohol every single day.

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