Two Thumbs Up: Iron Man 2

This, I think, is the first time that I watched a movie during it’s premier night.

I watched it with the boyfriend, Rod, Jeck, and Apple. We tried to get seats at The Podium but there weren’t any left except for the freakin’ front row. We went to SM Megamall instead. The boys bought 8:30 PM tickets while Apple and me bought something from Watson’s first. We rushed to the nearest food stall and bought four jumbo nachos and six slices of pizza. You should’ve seen how ridiculous I looked carrying four mineral bottles, two tubs of nachos,  and six slices of pizza–while texting! Talk about multitasking.

Anyway, it was an awesome movie! Robert Downey Jr. is indeed the perfect actor for that part. I can’t imagine any other actor who can play Tony Stark who is incredibly narcissistic yet adorable and sarcastic but hilarious.

The Monaco race bit was my favorite scene. I love Formula One so I was pretty psyched to see the race track and Robert Downey Jr. driving a Formula One car. Mickey Rourke was good too. His Russian accent was so effective. Haha. I was never a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow but I think she and Robert Downey Jr. looked good on screen, I mean, when they were arguing and bickering. As for Scarlett Johansson, I didn’t like her fight scene. She looked good fighting those guys though. Those curves are just to die for. 🙂

Boyfriend said that the next film would probably be about the Avengers because Captain America’s shield made a cameo appearance and Thor’s sword (was it really a sword?) at the end of the movie. Oh Captain Fury already made an appearance too.

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