Addicted to Notes

It’s barely 8:00 in the morning and I’ve nothing to do. Babe’s at the gym with Jeck and he can’t text so I had to find something to do–blog! πŸ™‚

When I’m pissed, angry, sad and happy, I write little notes in my planner. One-liners that only a total cheeseball like me could write, words from other people that made an impact and even poetry. Haha! I’ve been meaning to write them all here for the longest time but never had the energy to do it. Well, it’s actually because I always forget my planner at the office.

I think Justine also posted her notes way back. Right? πŸ™‚ Anyway, here are some of the things I’ve scribbled in my planner.

January notes:

I’m amazed at how easy sarcasm flows from my tongue. It’s second nature. It’s like my love for Lee Pace. It’s like my adoration for anything red. It’s like my obsession with fitness. Only better. – 1/13/10

Everyday is as boring s the next day….. and the next…. and the next….. and the next…. – 1/19/10

“She’s a lady, a lady, and ladies shouldn’t be messed with.” (I think this is from a Rooney song)

February notes:

“Hey bitch, you’re forgiven.” – Justine πŸ™‚

“Effective governance is key to good governance. Let’s see who can walk the talk. Ask Noynoy that. How is Tarlac now?” – Gordon

How are we different? Oh, I have a brain for starters. – 2/15/10

There’s no other way to love someone but to give in to the madness that comes with it. – 2/23/10

March notes:

Remind yourself to have a good time, Hanna. – 3/1/10

I am better than what and how people perceive me to be. Word. – 3/4/10

All decisions are wrong. And right too. It’s all in your mind. – 3/9/10

I am perfectly at ease with you and how things are going. Let’s work and look into forever or maybe even longer. <3 – 3/22/10

April notes:

You. Are. Just. Impossible. – 4/5/10

Arguments keep a relationship alive. But lies? Lies destroy them. – 4/14/10

I’d rather be too young than too old to do something. – 4/15/10

Treat me like a child and I’ll treat you like that too–only with a huge bald head and wrinkly face. – 4/20/10

Smart people know better than to waste their energy outwitting airheads. 4/23/10

May notes:

If you can’t practice what you preach, you don’t deserve to be in that seat. – 5/3/10

Crappy day. Trying to look for the bemused little “it” that has been dodging my like the plague. – 5/4/10

This year I will not criticize? Impossible! My mouth is critique-happy. I live for making other people wet their pants out of humiliation. LOL. – 5/5/10

I know there will always be better days. But damn it. Why can’t it be today? 5/11/10

“Treat your girl right or someone else WILL.” – Tumblr

I seriously need a day off. 5/19/10

Whaaaaat?! 9 more press releases?!! %@#%^! – 5/31/10

June notes:

Finally made up with Babe! Woooppeee! Feels like the sweetest hug we’ve ever had! hearts;- 6/9/10

“Beer is proof that God loves us and want us to be happy.” – Tumblr

We’ve been through hell and back and I love you. – 6/14/10

Your snore is a jurassic high. – 6/14/10

Let’s forget the wrongs that we’ve done to each other and just move forward. It sucks to have to go through all that but that’s how it’s supposed to be. – 6/16/10

“There will be pain. It’s okay to cry. I’ll ask the clouds to bring the rain so you can cry.” – So You Can Cry, Ne-Yo

An apology would be nice. 6/18/10

What’s mine is mine. Back off. 6/21/10

These days, I’m trying to usher away the negativities that have been ruining my could-be-ideally-perfect days. It’s tough because it’s so easy to hate on people and the things they do to you but then again, I’m the one who gets all stressed out and not them. Riiiight?

Alright, I’m out.

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  • ayi

    I also write notes in my *little* planner. haha. Yours have all the sorts. Miss you hann. πŸ™‚

  • Did I really say that? Haha. :*

  • rhinsy

    patattoo n tayo haku! miss you!

    • baka matagal pa ko. ahaha.