Another Aquino President

It’s official. It’s Noy-Bi, Bi-Noy–whatever

We have another Aquino president. I’m not exactly sure of what to expect from him. But one thing’s for sure, the government will definitely be teeming with stars and starlets. I can already imagine how the showbiz industry will be Noynoy’s first line of defense should critics start jabbing at his (in)abilities.

I read somewhere that Noynoy refused to live in the Palace because corrupt officials have stayed there and that he doesn’t want any of that bad vibes staining his allegedly squeaky clean image. Honestly, it’s the most immature reason ever conceived by a president. Grow up, Noynoy.

One of his priorities is to bridge the wealth divide. It’s ironic, don’t you think? He hails from one of the most influential and richest Filipino families. Riiight.

But instead of dwelling on how bitter I am that Gilbert Teodoro lost, I say let’s give him a chance. Let’s see how far he can go. I just hope that those who voted for Noynoy stand by him when (knocks on wood) he has to eat, consume and devour his promises.

And so the drama that is our government begins. Roll in the opening credits.

Gibo, we’ll see you in six years.

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