Friday Night Bonding at Friday’s and Red Mango

while waiting for our food

Instead of hitting the gym, my best friend Kwin and I met up at Mall of Asia for a “quick” bonding time. 🙂

Let this be a little food “review” too since I really can’t say what Siz and I talked about throughout dinner. Haha!

I ordered Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta and Strawberry Mojito. The shrimp was flavorful but the pasta itself tasted a little bland for me. It has a little spiciness to it but after a few mouthfuls, the pasta gets boring. The chicken, well, tasted like chicken. Siz loved it, though.

Ready to eat!

The best friend, on the other hand, ordered a mushroom+chicken meal (I forgot the name, sorry. Haha) and Classic Mojito. She opted for the rice instead of the mashed potato. She regretted it though because the rice tasted like tomatoes. I didn’t like the rice myself too. The breaded mushroom was dull, bland and boring.

she ate everything, except for the rice

Even though I didn’t enjoy my dish that much, I still love my Mojito. I always love Friday’s Mojitos. 🙂 Next time around, I’ll opt for their salad again.

Siz with my favorite cocktail of all time!

Total Damage: 1570 pesos

After dinner, we headed to our favorite FroYo chain, Red Mango! 🙂

excited for your FroYo!

Total Damage: 290 pesos

I still think the best toppings are blueberries, kiwi and crushed graham. Siz thinks otherwise. She’s a huge mango fan. Haha. Photos of all the meals and other whatnot are with her so I’ll just update this post once she gets around to uploading ’em.

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