Love and Girl Friends

A lot of my friends are stuck in a dark pit of wilted roses and lousy romance. Somehow, I’m part of that little circle. But I know that what they’re going through is far more terrible than what I am complaining about. Relationship issues are just so darn complicated. It’s a wonder we put up with all the fits of jealousy, forgotten dates, indifference and unspoken I love you’s.

Women sometimes even go as far as sacrificing who they are for the sake of that special man in their lives. And I’ve always told myself that I won’t be that kind of girl who would be more than willing to lie down in the middle of EDSA just to prove that I want this relationship to work. That I won’t be the one to go crying and begging for one more chance when all the craziness and drama is not my fault in the first place.

But then, girls are crazy good in pretending to be a fortress. To my dear friends, I think we’ve let love consume us. But then again,  I think this is a sign that we are, indeed, women.

A guy friend told me once, “Save something for yourself.” I completely understand what he meant when he told me this. But I don’t think I’m nowhere close to being brave enough to put those words into good use.

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  • this post is effingly annoyingly true.

    • Ha! 😀
      I’m glad you guys are okay na. ♥