Love Is Hard

It’s barely two in the afternoon and I’m having trouble doing my task. I’m in tears. I’m in tears because I’m so sleepy.

I woke up at 5:00 AM, left the house an hour later and headed to the gym. My arms are a little sore from the workout. Honestly, I’d rather spend hours on the treadmill but according to the trainer, I shouldn’t spend much time running. I need to tone my body, not lose weight. So there I was, sleepy as hell, forcing to carry weights like a muscle-woman. The work out finished before 9:00 AM, just enough time to take a bath, blowdry my hair, get dressed and walk back to the office. Next time I’ll come earlier so I can try the sauna.

When I arrived  in the office, Sir Ron and Sir Rod were teasing me that WVH can finally return to normal because work’s been crippled while I was away. I know they were exaggerating. Anyway, the most important thing that happened today has something to do with Babe.

It’s been four days since Babe and I last saw each other  so I was extra excited to see him. After 6 days of a love-hate-relationship with Babe, we’re finally okay. This is so far the longest we’ve been mad at each other. Justine could attest to how distracted I was when we were in Laguna. Although there were instances where I managed to focus on the workshop and not him, I was constantly thinking about us and where the relationship was going. Reality hit me like a bulldozer when he told me last Saturday that he’s not sure if eveything’s gonna be the way it was ever again. Apparently it will–it is, in fact.

I was smoking at the Fire Exit area and he walked in. I wanted to hug him right away but our officemates were with us. We just waited for them to leave one by one. When we were finally left alone, we made up. We hugged, kissed, said our I love you’s and that was it. <3

I remember telling Kuya Jheerick that I wanted to cry when we were not in good terms. I was hurt, yes. But it wasn’t enough to make me cry. I told him that it could be because I’ve already suffered the worst that anyone could ever experience in a relationship. I’m a fortress. LOL.

A friend of Babe’s even told me if I can still handle the problem, I told him:

“It’s not like me to give up. Besides, kung ikukumpara sa napagdaanan ko, sisiw lang ‘to.

Justine, if you’re reading this, what you said is true. Making up after a terrible fight is a hundred times sweeter. 🙂

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  • justine

    I tooooold you so. I was actually focused on the “making up” part when you told me about your little rift. I didn’t imagine the Fire Exit part though. Ha!

    Love you. 🙂

    • Basta it was super sweet! <3
      I love you too! 🙂