My First Time in the Hospital

I’m on sick leave today because I had severe stomach pain that woke me up at 4:00 AM. It was actually a little amusing because I clearly remember Noynoy Aquino’s face in my dream. He made my stomach hurt really really bad. I hate you Noynoy!

Waking up at 4:00 AM was not fun at all. I was literally writhing in pain and moaning. I was trying really hard to keep my voice down as I didn’t want to wake up the family. Every centimeter of my abdomen was in pain. Touching it meant I had to bite my tongue to keep me from screaming. I couldn’t move at all. I was having the chills, my lips were trembling and I could feel every vein and artery in my body.

By 7:00 AM, my parents finally woke up and I had my sister help me get up because I couldn’t bend, twist and move my body without the pangs. I was brought to the St. Dominic Medical Center emergency room (my first time EVER in the hospital!)  a few minutes later. I wasn’t attended to right away by the doctors because there were tons of people in the ER that time too. There was an accident along Coastal Road involving a van and a bus. The van passengers were brought to the same hospital. Thankfully none of them were drenched in blood, just minor wounds.

When it was my turn, the pain shifted to full gear and I was about to cry. The doctor had me lie down, pressed on my abdomen and stuff. I seriously could have hit her because the pain was unbearable. A pain-killer was injected into my arm but it didn’t help soothe the pain at all. They took a blood and urine sample and an hour later, found out that there were traces of “crystals” in my urine. The doctor said there could possibly have stones in my kidney or urinary bladder so they had me undergo a  kidney and urinary bladder ultrasound which required me to drink five bottles of water. I think I vomited a whole bottle of water. I was forced to drink those five bottles, you see. And I don’t drink that much water in a day.

Anyway, results will come in on Saturday and I am hoping that it’s nothing serious.

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