How Mexican Food Failed To Save My Day

Today’s been a really sucky day. For one, Babe and I missed the dinner we were supposed to have with his old officemates because I finished way behind with work. Well, the thing is, I was ready to leave by 7PM and was about to head to the bathroom to freshen up when our GM went to my desk and–boom–asked me to edit several papers. Why oh why does work pile up when I have a freakin’ appointment/gimmick?!

The group dinner we were supposed to enjoy that night ended up with us meeting his friends at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf then leaving 5 minutes later to have dinner. Scouring the Greenbelt area, we ended up in Baja Mexican Cantina.

I loooove Mexican food. Just thinking about quesadillas make me drool like crazy-fuck. Haha. The place was okay, typical Mexican restaurant ambiance with wooden chairs and tables. Of course, the walls were decked with little blackboards filled with menu and surprisingly, movie screenings at the cinemas for the night. When we walked in, we were expecting the food to be extra delicious since the place was pretty much packed with customers.

But unfortunately, the food was a disappointment. The taco salad I had tasted more like tomato salad. It had nothing tasteful to offer–except when I drizzled the whole plate with hot sauce. Though it left my tongue scarred and numb for a good thirty minutes, it became a passable dish. I didn’t get to taste Babe’s burrito but he didn’t like it. He didn’t finish it. I forgot the other dish we ordered and I really don’t care ’cause it wasn’t anything special. Then again, maybe they have better meals to offer. Before we left the restaurant, Babe said that Mexicali served better food than Baja. Oh well. The good thing about this Baja is that it’s very affordable. Total damage that night was at around 800 pesos, excluding the tip. Haha. Mexicali’s a better choice when it comes to value for your money and of course, taste.

I know this is pretty much a pointless blog, but I really love Mexican food and I just had to blog about how disappointed I was that a Mexican dish didn’t save my terrible day.

By the way, I also have sore eyes. 😐

The photos above are from Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, click on the pictures to get to Anton’s Baja Mexican Cantina review. 🙂

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