My Kind of Corpse Bride Dresses

I saw this picture in Tumblr and I remember having that “aww I want that” moment the second I laid eyes on these pretty dresses. I could see myself wearing the dress in the middle although I’m afraid the dress will eat me alive. Haha.

I love this, I really do! It has a heavenly corpse bride feel to it which is mesmerizing–yes, that’s the word.


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  • I would so get married in that middle one. Unfortunately, my wedding is a LONG way off.

    • Ditto. I’m only 21. But I’ll definitely keep this as reference for my wedding dress concepts.

  • meimei

    Hi Hanna,
    amazing picture, would you remember where exactly did you find it? I would love to know the designer for this!! thanks, m

    • I’ll try to check my Tumblr site and then look for the user who posted this 🙂

      • Alannah

        Wow, I love it. Have you found where to get it?