Four Years

If my memory serves me right, the photos on the left were taken in 2004. The ones on the right were taken this year, 2010. This is me and my dearest girl friend Justine. I was browsing old photos again and finally decided to blog about how yucky we all looked back then.

A lot has happened in four years. Hello, weight loss. Haha! Justine’s got even prettier (thankfully she didn’t get any taller :p). Looking back, I can’t believe we looked that way during my freshman year. Eewy talaga. Our boyfriends would probably die laughing when they see these pictures.

Our looks may change in the coming years, wrinkles and stretch marks will soon barrage our front doors. But thank God I have my friends to hold my hand when I hyperventilate over a silly little wrinkle.

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  • justine


    hahahahaha. i love you. i started laughing because of this, youadorablebitch! Please note that I am never going to tweet, blog about, or talk to anyone about this post. Look at that fez! hahaha

    Oh, the world better wait and see, we’d be fierce, awesome grandmas. ;D

  • Hahahaha! I love you too dear!

    I’m looking for photos with the others kaya lang ang hirap! Sayo ang dami ko kasing pictures nung college. 😀

  • Aya Remolin

    WOAH! Si Hanna sumeksi, si Justine gumanda. =)

    • Hahaha! Salamat? 😀