An Awesome Three Days in Puerto Galera

Babe picked me up at 4:30AM and off we went to Alabang to meet up with Jeff and Nini who had to wait an hour for us. Hihi. The bus ride to the pier was fast and the ferry was virtually empty. We could play tag in the ferry, as a matter of fact. Haha! When we arrived at White Beach, we all said that Puerto Galera felt like a ghost town because there were no crowd at all. During summer, people are drinking as early as 11AM.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated with us when we were at Puerto Galera. It rained at night but it didn’t rain long enough to ruin our vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚ย We were a group of five–Jeff and his girlfriend Nini, me and Babe, and Jay. The room we got was so nice. It was spacious, it had a dining table, a fridge, a kitchen area, and we even had our own patio. We only paid Php2,600! Total bargain!

Our first day was mostly spent on sleeping in. Although we started drinking right after we had lunch–can you believe it?? We had a bottle of brandy and three pitchers of Mindoro Sling. We went out and got ourselves a henna tattoo. Babe and I got matching henna tattoo–an ambigram of our names ย that Kuya Jheerick had drawn for me before.

We both paid Php250 for our henna, by the way. If it were summer, I’m sure the price would be steeper. After I got my henna, I realized that having it on my lower back was such a bad idea because I wasn’t able to sit down for an hour or so. I’m such a klutz so Babe just had me tie my shirt around my waist and stand beside him the whole time we were drinking.

When we went back to our room, we drank some more! Haha. The next day, we decided to rent a boat and go snorkeling and probably island hopping. For Php1,000 , we had the boat for the whole afternoon. We went snorkeling and boy was it fun! When we arrived at the coral spot, we transferred to a smaller boat that brought us closer to where the corals were. From the smaller boat, we jumped into the water and held on to the rope beside the boat. The boat pulled us to where the corals where and it was so much cool. Babe and I fed fishes, got scared of how close the corals were to our bellies, and laughed at Nini who was so terrified of fishes that she was hugging the side of the boat the whole time.

After snorkeling, they took us to this underwater cave at some island. We had to crawl our way into this little opening outside cave but it was fun anyway. The rocks were a little sharp though and thankfully I didn’t hurt myself or my ass. The cave is small and during high tide, water gushes inside the cave so you can’t really get in unless you want to drown yourself. The base of the pool basin was really slippery even though we were wearing our slippers. I scraped my knee despite my extra effort.

To exit the cave, you have to climb up the cave then go down this really steep rock. While we were walking out the cave, Babe told me to be careful because I get easily bruised or “pasain” in the words of my baby. Jeff chimed and told Nini, “Beh, ingat ka. Tatanga-tanga ka pa naman!” Jeff’s comment resonated until the evening, by the way. There’s a makeshift staircase (that looks like its ready to give up anytime) that makes climbing out the cave a tad bit easier.

Emerging from the cave, you’ll be greeted by this sweeping view of the ocean. The rocks are doubly sharp here, by the way. From here, we had to climb down on our own. I’m not that scared of heights but I was terrified of tripping, landing on my butt, and peeing blood. Haha. Kidding!

After this underwater cave, we went to a nearby island and snorkeled some more. The beach was secluded but there was another boat when we arrived. The shoreline was cleaner than that of White Beach. That night, we drank some more. I was smashed! Haha. Babe understands why I got so drunk–I didn’t turn any drink down. That afternoon, we had some more brandy, a whole bottle of Vodka that only four of us drank, and Mindoro Sling. We even had tequila that night so… well… I got drunk. ๐Ÿ™‚ Babe walked me back to our room and let me sleep while he went back to the bar with the others.
The next day, we all woke up late–understandable. We had to check out at 1PM but we all wanted to swim some more so off we went to the beach. Babe didn’t want to swim anymore but he did anyway. After we swam, Babe realized that someone stole one of his Havaianas. Poor baby. Babe was really pissed because he just bought that last March. It hasn’t been a year and he can’t use it anymore. ๐Ÿ™ By 3PM, we were in the ferry on our way back to Batangas Pier. We saw one of the coolest things ever–a tornado!ย It was a little eerie at first because we saw it start as a little streak of nothing into this long twister.
Thankfully, the twister did not get any closer to our boat and we arrived at the pier safely. ๐Ÿ™‚
All photos are taken by Jay Vasquez. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • ana

    Sexy!!! Lech! While I’m getting so big, i hate you. Hehehe, miss you!

    • Dude! Chill. LOL. I miss you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kjibiiv

    We plan on going off season as well, mind sharing the name of the place you stayed at? Btw, i love your blogs

    • I’ve been asked a lot about Puerto Galera accommodation spots but we truly didn’t get the name of this place. It’s a bit far from where all the action is, but still beachfront though. None of us know the name ’cause we forgot to ask–we don’t remember seeing any signs too. We got that room on the spot–we went room hunting the second we arrived in Galera ๐Ÿ™