September Summer

I cannot wait for the 20th to arrive! Babe and I took a three-day leave from the office to spend with his village friends in Puerto Galera. I know it’s a little odd, being in the beach this month. We can only hope it doesn’t rain on our trip. I couldn’t think of a better time to be away from the toxic hole that is our office. I found out I still have 13 vacation leaves left so I’m going to make the most out of it.

I’m not a whiner or anything but I’m amazed with how everyone in the office keeps getting sick! Like me, Meach was diagnosed with kidney stones. Only hers was worse ’cause she had to take a leave for two months as she had the kidney stones removed. So there, all of her tasks except for one, was endorsed to me. Great.

Anyway, the boyfriend and I are doing fine. Lately he’s been really funny. I mean, we don’t fight that much anymore. We do bicker still–like why I always wear slippers, why he’s always so snappy, and other pointless, silly things. This week has been fun for us though. Our officemates say that we are so much alike. Hyper, consistently smiling, and making people laugh. I guess they’re right. We’re both impulsive shoppers too. One night as we were walking to Megamall on our way home, Babe mentioned that he didn’t have anything to wear for his Hong Kong trip. So we suddenly saw ourselves scouring the mall for shirts. He ended up buying two shirts from the same store and a perfume while I bought him one shirt from another store.

October’s coming up and it’ll be a real moolah-sucker. Babe’s birthday is on the 29th–a day before my birthday. Oh dear I’m gonna be broke again.

Please ignore how tiny I am in the picture.

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