Belle de Jour Fair

Babe and I went to the Belle de Jour Fair/Launch yesterday at Venice Piazza to show some support. The program was scheduled to start at 2PM and we arrived a little past 2PM. We weren’t sure if we actually wanted to enter the area since the place was filled with giggly teens and college chicks. It was especially awkward for Pao because, well, he’s a dude. In a girls’ event. With very girly booths everywhere. Nonetheless, we came in and got our wrists stamped with “I <3 BDJ”.

We checked out all the booths and actually wanted to really “get into all the feminine action.” The thing is, it’s a little tough when your boyfriend is so big he sticks out among the sea of mostly petite girls. Pao bumped into the BDJ people and showed him the final planner. This year, you can choose to buy a BDJ planner with the spiral bind (is that what it’s called?) or you could also opt for one that’s not (kinda like a book bind). I forgot to take pictures of the planners (including the Navi) but I’ll just have to wait for my free planner!¬†BDJ has new brands in their coupons too.

The booths were fine, but the weather was beating us up. I could feel the sweat trickle down from my nape to my back. I saw an old high school friend, Grace, who joined the “I Want To Be A Supermodel” contest. Two hours later, Babe and I decided to say our goodbyes to the BDJ people and went home because the heat was killing us. We wanted to have our pictures taken over at the Photo Booth but the line was too long and Pao’s pretty impatient. Actually, that’s an understatement.

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