Turning Twenty Two

My last day at the WVH Asia office was awesome. I arrived just before 4PM, in time to finish up some rush writing tasks for Sir Ron, collect all my belongings, and get my final paycheck. It was also Babe’s birthday so I was surprised to see boxes of pizza, rolls of cake, ice cream tubs, and more arrive at the office two hours later. Until now, I’ve no idea who bought all that stuff.

So my last day at the office was literally, a bang. I had this short farewell session with my immediate head, Sir Ron, and our Division Manager. I’ll miss everyone for sure. This company has taught me a lot. I deal with a backstabber and airhead everyday but I’ve never allowed her to destroy me the way she did the other girls. Funny thing is, I am the youngest in the company but she never once dared “touch” me, so to speak. I only have theory and all my officemate buddies seem to agree–it’s because she can’t bring somebody who’s smarter than her down. Fuck yeah. LOL.

Anyway, after work, we proceeded to Madison Square in Mandaluyong to celebrate Babe’s birthday and mine. Cheane and Sir Kelly were also there. Sir Ron dropped by along with Ms. Marie to surprise Babe. Too bad Sir Rod wasn’t able to come. We were all talking about relationship issues and then Pao said something that made me smile–that he was a lucky man because I trusted him. And that he, in turn, treasures the trust I have for him so he will not do anything to ruin that. I was such a jealous freak before but eventually I learned to just chill and trust him. It really did pay off. I couldn’t ask for anything more, really.

Anyway, Babe got piss drunk eventually and I couldn’t wake him up. Ken and Sir Kels had to help me wake him up. I brought him home to LP and thankfully, his dad was still up. I ended up sleeping over. When we were in the cab, Babe (who was drunk at the time) and I were talking about him leaving me to work abroad.

Me: Iiwan mo ko dito?

Pao: Kailangan Babe eh.

Me: Babalikan mo ko?

Pao: Hihintayin mo ko?

Me: Of course. There’s no one else.

Come Tuesday, I’ll be with a different set of people. I’ll be starting fresh and I am praying that I meet awesome people over at my new company.

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  • All the happiness in the world for you. 🙂

    I love you always!!! See you soon 😉 ♥

    • Thanks Siz! I love you too! <3

  • Ayi

    So happy for you hann. 🙂
    *kakilig the “babe” part*
    You’re so lovely.
    I crush you!!!

    • Haha! Thanks Ayie! Just spreadin’ the love! :p

  • Rodney

    Belated Happy birthday Hanna