We Have Years Ahead Of Us

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how lucky I am. Of course, there are instances where I wish I had more simply because I was hay-wired (sort of) to think that life could be easier if you had “more” of everything. The thing is, as I get older, I slowly appreciate the things that I have. Even better, I learned that  having one person in your life is enough–more than enough.

Last weekend, Babe and I didn’t get the chance to go out because his Friday night was spent at Chester’s stag party. I’ll spare you from the details of that stag party (Babe told me what went down at the club) so you don’t have to worry this early about whoever-will-be-your-future-hubby’s stag escapades. Come Saturday, we also didn’t get to catch a movie we were supposed to see. Sunday was spent resting for what would be a stressful week.

“Bitin pa ko kasi di kita nakita,” said the boyfriend when I told him that the weekend was too short to catch some rest. I feel like the boyfriend’s a changed man. Not that he needed to change anyway. But I feel like he’s different compared to how he was a couple of weeks ago. I guess this is because we don’t get to see each other everyday anymore.

Last night, I came over his house after work ’cause he was sick. I brought pizza and a huge cupcake I got from an officemate. I gave the cupcake to her little sister, which she liked very much.  🙂 It was a super fun night for the two of us–munching on pizza in the kitchen while watching Robocop. Haha! Last night was perfect–for us, that is.

Cuddles, kisses on the forehead, I love you’s, pointless conversations and stupid dance moves in bed made it all perfect. Forgetting the times where he accidentally elbowed and punched my face, poked my eyes, and pulled a small chunk of my hair, it was one of those nights that reminded us of how lucky we are to have found each other. <3

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