Before The First Month Of 2011 Bids Farewell

Growing up, the New Year was all about preparing my resolutions for the year. Now that I’m older, I’ve actually completely forgotten about those silly lists and instead focus on the things I want to accomplish more than the things I will change about myself.

To travel across the country has always been on top of my New Year plans and I’m happy that this year, I’m off to a good start with trips to Cebu and Boracay already finalized. A Subic weekend trip may also happen on June, with the boyfriend’s friends. I love getting ready for travel–toiletry shopping, wardrobe planning, hotel hunting and more.

Apart from traveling, most of my year will be allotted for lots of good vibes, love and friendship. Getting the barkada together on a Saturday night is like asking Lady Gaga to please stop dressing like every day is Halloween. This year, I will try to schedule an out-of-town trip with the girls and our dearest girl-boy, Merlo.

For me and the boyfriend, I really just want more love and time together. Last year, I learned that age is indeed just a silly little number. It is by no means a measure of one’s immaturity or otherwise. Love is perhaps a word all-too-commonly shaped by different couples based on how they define love. For some, love is the noun—a concept to which the couple moves around to validate what they have as actual love. On one hand, others believe that love takes on a verb—it’s the action that reflects the love.

In our case, I won’t even try to classify the kind of love we have. It doesn’t matter which side of the fence your relationship is at. There’s no point in complicating things when you’re happy and everything works.

2011. Oh, what do you have in store for me? 🙂

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