Nicole Fox for Wildfox (Fall 2010)

This post should have been published last year but since I was either too tired or bored to continue this post, it’s only now that I’ve decided to finally hit the “Publish” button.

Nicole Fox, my favorite America’s Next Top Model girl, is one of the few ANTM alum that actually worked in the modeling industry. Nicole Linkletter, another favorite, is considered to be the most successful. I don’t count TV appearances and acting stints as legitimate success indicators because they’re models not actors.

Anyway, it’s just so nice to know that Fox is not just another ANTM alum with nothing to show for. The fact that she won the “petite” edition of the show is doubly awesome. here are some photos from the Wildfox booklet, which features a wicked story. This booklet is for Wildfox’s Fall 2010 line (I know, it’s 2011 already!)

Going through the booklet, I got goosebumps, especially after seeing these photos:

I love her fiery hair! I’ve completely forgotten what her natural hair color is because that color fit hers so well. Oh, notice how her eyes can turn on any emotion.

The photo above is especially wicked. Somehow, the background doesn’t seem to jive but it does. I’m no photographer but the colors in this frame are probably the reason as to why this photo makes me want to reach out and touch her. LOL.

My, are those legs or what? You can see tons more of Nicole Fox’s Wildfox photoshoot in the link above. đŸ™‚  Go see her Steve Madden stint as well.

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