Cebu Adventure: The Sky Experience Adventure

Before we left for Cebu, I was looking for places to include in our itinerary and on top of most of my Google search results was the Sky Experience Adventure at Crown Regency. It’s been featured on many local travel and adventure shows and that truly got my attention.

After a tiring day visiting Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, the local Ayala Mall and the church among many places, we headed there in the evening. There are various packages but we chose the one that costs Php900 per person. This includes the Edge Coaster and Sky Walk rides and a buffet dinner. We also got free souvenir shirts. You can choose the color and size of your shirt, by the way.

Paying our fees at the Skywalk counter
Paying our fees at the Skywalk counter

Babe, Sam and I decided to head on over to the Edge Coaster ride first. It was drizzling a little so we had to wear raincoats. The coaster could be tilted up to 55 degrees. Babe controlled the tilting as I was too busy holding on to the bar, while choking on my fear. Haha. Anyway, since it was raining a little, we were terrified that the coaster’s grip on the rail wasn’t that sturdy so most part of the ride was thrill-free. The ride made this eerie screeching noise that felt like the coaster was ready to drop from the 38th floor.

Being sissies for a few seconds
We weren’t being chickens–we just haven’t started tilting our ride when the photographer took our picture 🙂

I wasn’t that happy with the ride because it was short and over-priced! After the ride, we checked our photos and had Babe and I’s picture printed. Printing one picture costs a staggering Php230! Charging an entrance fee and then overpricing printing prices is overkill. That’s way too much. But if I did not want to bring home memories of that night, I wouldn’t have had our picture printed.

Viewing deck :)
Viewing deck 🙂

A little disappointed, we proceeded to the Sky Walk area (a floor down). Here, you have to wear rubber shoes. I was only wearing flats so I had to buy socks from them (Php20, I think). You’re not allowed to bring cameras, jewelry, earrings or whatever so there is an on-site locker area.We wore these orange jumpsuits that were definitely disinfected because it was warm to the touch and actually smelled clean. It was the rubber shoes that I thought was a little eewy. After a couple of minutes, our harnesses were finally strapped on and off we went to the platform.

We had this printed but the hard copy's with Babe :)
We had this printed but the hard copy’s with Babe 🙂

Sky walk adventurers (haha!) are oriented on what to do. I honestly enjoyed the Sky Walk more than the Edge Coaster ride. Probably because it was more interactive and the guide was superbly funny! We were grouped with a group of Koreans. Photo opportunities were plentiful! 🙂 Photo printing rates are the same here. We had two pictures printed so that immediately drained us Php560 of cash. Those who don’t like to pay cash can opt to swipe their credit cards.


After the Sky Walk experience, we rushed back to the dining hall because buffet was only until 10PM and it was already 9:30PM. The food wasn’t that great though. This pasta I had, for instance, tasted more like a bowl of gruel because it was completely overcooked and salty! While they had a variety of dishes to choose from, most of them were disastrous. Some were bland, others were too salty. If there was one item I could eat throughout the entire night, it would have been the sashimi. It was the only dish that was fresh and tasted the way it should be.


I think the Sky Walk Experience is worth a try albeit being overpriced. It would be good if they could lower their photo printing or ride rates. That night alone racked us almost Php2,000. Pricing the photo printing, say, Php150 would be easier on the wallet. They’re set to launch some more exciting rides though and I will surely come back to Cebu to try those. (I just hope they don’t hike up their rates anymore!)

All pictures above (except for the last one) are courtesy of Sam Gadiane. Thanks Sam!

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  • ahm, no "thanks sam for the pictures?" HMP! di ko na enjoy ang Skywalk and EdgeCoaster adventure! bitin! see u soon Nay! 🙂

  • I forgot! Wait, I'll include it in the blog.