Cebu’s CnT Lechon

Letting other people know you’re going to Cebu almost always triggers a response that goes like this: “pasalubong kong lechon ha!” or “the best ang lechon diyan!” Honestly, I had no idea that Cebu is so famous for its lechon until I started writing about Philippine travel destinations some two years ago. So it was only right that I taste the oh-so-famous dish that everyone has been talking about.

It was after a day of touring that we went to Ayala Center Cebu to find a place to eat. I know that we should have went to the original CnT lechon place and not the mall franchise. But what can we do? We were dead tired and the mall was the closest place from where we were. Anyway, the lechon was not bad at all. But neither was it amazingly delicious. I was expecting to see a fireworks of sort upon munching on the soft meat but there weren’t any.

Even the boyfriend didn’t think it was that amazing of a lechon. I’m pretty sure I’ve tasted a better lechon somewhere here in Manila. To be fair, the skin was still crispy even if it has been on display for a while already.

The way the rice was served was pretty cool though. See the pile of suman-like items? Those are rice. Yes, they serve rice that way. I had a hard time unwrapping the rice out of that leaf because it was so tight. The rice inside looks like a suman too. I didn’t like the rice’s texture though.

For it’s affordable price, I wouldn’t push you away from this place. But neither would I encourage you because of its “drool-worthy” lechon.

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  • hahaha, probably we got different tastes. when i look for lechon here in cebu, i head out to carcar. they’ve got the best tasting lechon in my opinion. they got chicharon too, and all the ‘high-blood’ food you can find.

    • Is Carcar a restaurant? 😀

      • oh no, it isn’t. it’s a town about almost 2 hours away from cebu city. down south. when you get to their market, boy i don’t want to think about it hahaha. they got this big lechons with crispy and tasty kubal that bazzing your taste buds as well as your blood pressure. hahaha.

        • Oooh.. Sayang. We should’ve included that in our itinerary pala. 🙂

  • Calel Noble

    Lechon! Nothing beats the sight of chopped lechon skin to make my heart beat with excitement 🙂

    • I want to say I share the sentiments but I don’t. I’m all about the meat though. Hehe.

  • Nick

    Next time you visit Cebu, try Zubuchon. I personally prefer it over CnT. CnT is overrated, in my opinion. They are a lot more places in Cebu that serve better-tasting lechon. 🙂

    • Yeah thanks for the tip! Will keep that in mind. 🙂