Hair Evolution

My hair way back in May of 2009

I haven’t had a haircut (or trim) since I impulsively decided to chop off my locks back in the summer of 2009. It was a liberating experience for me then, as I did not think about how I would maintain a haircut like that—I only saw it on Taylor Momsen and thought that it was “cool.” I did it on a whim, to rid myself of “excess baggage” plaguing the very pits of my soul. Haha!

My go-to look! Taken November of 2009 🙂

You see, my hair is not very cooperative with me. It waves at the most undesirable parts, making me look like a stupid mess. That’s why a ponytail with side-swept bangs was my go-to look for the remainder of 2009.

Taken February 2010, I think 😀

Come 2010, I had my hair rebonded to finally look a little more decent and mature. Well, actually I had a rebond because my hair was getting way too unmanageable.

My colored hair!

Some three months later, I decided to dye my hair a certain shade of brown. It was the first time I colored my hair, by the way. As I fell in love with it, I decided to lighten it up a bit more and ended up with a crown of hair that was adored by almost everybody. (Nyahaha!) A couple of months later, I wanted to change my dye again but ended up with an uneven colored-hair. I guess because my hair grew an inch or two since the second time I dyed my hair, only the roots (virgin hair) ended up being colored. I dyed it back to black the next day.

Now for 2011, I want to change my hairstyle again because I’m bored. On January 2, I bought a DIY hair color treatment from Hortaleza, the one we always buy, and dyed my hair two hours before bedtime. Unfortunately, I ended up with the same disastrous, uneven colored hair. This time though, I hated even the color that diminutively colored my hair. I have no idea why that keeps happening to me. Maybe it’s time that I go to a real colorist, eh?

Looking like a legitimate oriental tourist in Cebu (my hair now!)

Right now I have this long black hair. It’s that long, already. I don’t want to cut it because I know the ends would end up being wavy and I’m too lazy to flat iron my hair every morning. Being a girl with the “siopao” face is not exactly easy. Y’feel me? I can’t cut it too short lest I end up looking like a terrible version of Mojacko. I also don’t want a perm since I already did it in college and thought it made me look fatter.

Sheesh. I’ve been stressing about my hair for the last two weeks now.

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