In Love With Radisson Blu Hotel

I have my best friend to thank for having the chance to stay in one of Cebu’s newest upscale hotels, Radisson Blu. If it weren’t for her, we would have probably ended up in some overpriced hotel or a substandard inn. Hihi.

When our stay here was confirmed, I immediately googled the hotel to see what was waiting for us. This is actually Radisson Blu’s first hotel in the country and after experiencing the service they provide, I can’t wait to see a Radisson Blu hotel in Manila soon.

The view from SM Cebu’s taxi stand + Sam

The hotel’s imposing façade can be quite intimidating. But that’s exactly why you would want to barge right in and check-in! You want to experience what this stunning hotel has to offer! 🙂 Sitting right beside SM City Cebu, the hotel is the perfect symmetry of convenience and luxury. There is a walkway provided to your right as you exit the hotel that would lead to SM–it was as if those two buildings were constructed at the same time. Hihi.

The huge and beautiful lobby

Check-in was smooth. The entire hotel staff was courteous and friendly. We were provided two key cards. Riding the elevator, we didn’t know that we had to swipe the key card so we can access the elevator buttons.

Room 1409 for the weekend.
Room 1409 for the weekend.

Luckily, the best friend saw it. This ensures that guests are the only ones who have access to the upper floors, as well as the hotel staff, of course.

The hotel pool from our window

Our room was on the 14th floor and it provided a sweeping view of the city, albeit not really pretty since all you can see are the port, highways, buildings and a few billboards. If you look down though, the view is much better with the pool, bar and open area seemingly inviting you to break open the glass window and jump into the pool (or perhaps, jump to your death would be better).

Babe in bed 🙂

We requested a smoking room and they gladly provided us with one. The room was absolutely beautiful. The beds were super comfortable and soft. It smelled so clean. The TV was big enough and reception was good. And even though we were smoking the whole time, the scent did not linger in the air. There was also free Wi-Fi and high-speed internet connection if you have your laptops with you.

Me + Sam checking out the bathroom

I love the bathroom. I love that it had black marble tiles. There was a phone beside the toilet seat, a weighing scale, ashtray, complete toiletries and a lot of towels! The shower area was spacious with hot and cold shower facility that was easy to control.

The minibar

They had coffee and tea-making facilities too. There were free coffee and tea sachets. The well-stocked mini bar was filled with beer, chocolates, chips and whatnot. Two bottled waters are provided, which are replenished during housekeeping.

The desk
The desk

On our first night, our friend flushed toilet paper down the toilet, clogging it. I called the front desk and someone was sent immediately to fix the toilet. An A+ for their quick service. The following night, the same friend pulled another disaster in our room. This time around, wanting to iron his polo shirt, he brought out the iron and ironing board.

Gotta love the full-length mirror!

As he was turning on the iron, the iron sparked (more of exploded) and left our room powerless. Again, I called the front desk and someone was immediately sent to our room. Apparently, we weren’t supposed to use that specific socket because it could only sustain a minimum wattage or something. I wish they had informed us or something about that but then their speedy service turned my mood around.

The pretty Radisson Blu fountain
The pretty hotel fountain and the boyfriend 🙂

After three days and two nights here, I would be more than happy to encourage friends to spend their Cebu vacation here in Radisson Blu! Apart from the great and warm service, they allowed us to check-out at 5PM (we asked as we were checking-in). I did my research before going to Radisson and learned that they have this “Yes We Can” service where they “try” to answer to every guest’s needs–that includes late check-outs! This is subject to room availability, by the way.

B chilling like a boss.
B chilling like a boss.

But since they have 400 rooms, who’s to say that they won’t have an extra room to spare, eh? Plus, they don’t charge you for late check-outs! Some Cebu City hotels would charge you a full day’s rate if you check-out beyond 5PM, while others will rack you up a half day’s rate worth if you check-out past 12NN.

Hanging out by the pool

Amid all that hullaballoo (clogged toilet and exploding iron), we all enjoyed our two-night stay in Radisson Blu. The hotel was luxurious, absolutely stunning and definitely worth every penny. While their rates may prove to be a little steep for some, it wouldn’t hurt to give in to the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu experience, right?

And now I leave you with a stunning photo of Radisson Blu at night:

Some of the pictures are from Sam Gadiane. Thanks!

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