The Casa Verde Experience

Kwin, my best friend who works as a flight attendant, told me a lot of nice things about this restaurant in Cebu ever since she was relocated to the city last year. So it was only right that our first dinner in Cebu was spent in Casa Verde.

Kwin told us that there was another Casa Verde in Cebu (that’s the original restaurant, I think) but we decided to go to the one in IT Park because it offered more options for booze sessions after dinner. Also, it was closer to the hotel we were staying at, Radisson Blu.

I like this wall.
I like this wall.

I was surprised at how many were waiting for seats. I guess it was that popular, right? The place felt like a more affordable Friday’s. The interior definitely had some similarities with Friday’s and even Bubba Gump. Even the uniforms of the servers looked similar to Friday’s.

Brian's Ribs, which looked every bit worth its Php198 tag.
Brian’s Ribs, which looked every bit worth its Php198 tag.

The food here is surprisingly affordable. The best friend swore that the famous Brian’s Ribs (Php198) should be ordered by everyone but I decided to try another dish in the menu–Roasted Seasoned Chicken. The ribs arrived some 10 minutes after. The baby back ribs were HUGE for its very, very affordable price. It came with a cup of rice and corn and carrots on the side. While I wasn’t able to savor this mouthwatering dish, everyone loved this. I got to taste a piece of this yummy meat and I have to say that it was good.

Roasted Seasoned Chicken. Such a lovely presentation.
Roasted Seasoned Chicken. Such a lovely presentation.

A couple of minutes later, my order, Roasted Seasoned Chicken (Php168), finally arrived. The chicken was fairly big. It was a so-so dish. I didn’t like the seasoning at all. I couldn’t taste the chicken at all. The herbs overpowered the chicken, which was too bad because the meat was cooked perfectly. I felt like I was munching on whole black peppers. So obviously, I wasn’t able to finish my chicken. The mashed potato was okay–not perfect. But at least there were no potato chunks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Me, the boyfriend, Sam, and my best friend Kwin.
Me, the boyfriend, Sam, and my best friend Kwin.

If you’re planning a trip to Cebu, you have to include this in your itinerary. I would suggest that you come early as the place gets packed pretty fast. Or better yet, try to make reservations because they don’t have that many tables that can seat big groups.

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  • did u see their burger? it is as big as a serving tray.
    everytime we have friends coming over from manila, we bring them here. suffice to say, their eyes grow as big as the ribs in disbelief. hehehe.

    • No, I haven’t. And my fats are already protesting with how you described its size. Haha. When I get the chance to go back to Cebu, I’ll drop by again to see it for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i didn’t believe it too. at first i thought they were serving pizza, but then i didn’t see any toppings on it. and for some reason or another, there was patty between those buns!