Boracay’s Bom Bom Bar

One breezy night in Boracay, we walked from Station 3 to Station 1 and back to Station 2, looking for a nice restaurant. Our group decided to just pick the restaurant that had the nicest ambiance and we found Bom Bom Bar. I know how the name doesn’t sound very charming, relaxing and beach-y at all. It’s actually like a reggae bar with comfortable seats and couches albeit the table was too low for folks having a nice dinner (like us). Right beside us was a small stage where performers played soothing acoustic–sometimes reggae–music.

Seafood in coco cream (Php220)

How was the food? Yummy! I ordered Seafood in Coco Cream with rice. It arrived sizzling hot. It smelled absolutely delicious as well! While I liked it very much, Babe thought the ginger took over the sauce. I beg to differ, though.

Fillet Mignon (Php270)

As for Babe, he ordered Fillet Mignon. He opted for fries instead of rice. Although the picture says otherwise, I saw how Babe slightly struggled to finish this meal. He was so full after chowing down this dish. He said it was very filling, very sulit. What’s great about Bom Bom Bar is their wide choices. They have chicken meals, beef, pork, mixed seafood, prawns, shrimp, steak and whatnot. They also conveniently categorized their menu for customers. The food was good as well as the ambiance. But if there was one thing that would make Bom Bom Bar even better is if they ditch their chairs and tables for something more comfortable, dining-wise. If we were just wasting our night away with beers on hand, it would have been perfect. Either way, Bom Bom Bar is a nice dinnertime stopover. đŸ™‚

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