Jonah’s: The Best Fruitshake in the Island

After our very late lunch in Boracay, the other girls in the group insisted that we went to Jonah’s Fruit Shakes. Being the Boracay newbie that I was, I wondered why we were walking from Station 2 to Station 1 just to buy a “Choco Banana Peanut” shake. Forgive me if I get the name wrong, by the way.

The sun has already set when we found the humble space of Jonah’s. It was nothing fancy at all. It looked like your average carinderia sans the food display. It’s tucked behind the big restaurants by the beach, right behind Guilly’s Island and just beside Cocomanga’s. It’s sort of like a hidden gem in the sea of commercialized establishments.

The menu, which was basically one big repetition. LOL.
The menu, which was basically one big repetition. LOL.

The majority ordered “Choco Banana Peanut” shake while I had the one with vanilla. The menu was so darn confusing because they were pretty much made of the same ingredients, with only one ingredient setting it apart from the others. They had like five or more variations of the choco banana shake. On average, the shakes are priced Php90.

Sh-sh-shake it, sh-shake it! LOL
Sh-sh-shake it, sh-shake it! LOL

I was intrigued by their array of shakes that had a shot or two of rum. Babe ordered it. Presentation is really basic, as you can see in the picture above. My vanilla-shake something tasted fine but the real winner of that night was Babe’s Mocha Rum. It was so darn good and I’m not over-reacting. 🙂

You wouldn’t know that it had rum in it because it didn’t overpower the mocha taste. Then again, the taste is still there. In fact, one of the boys we were with mistakenly thought he was chugging (or sipping) down a choco banana peanut shake when really it was Mocha Rum.

Now I know why Jonah’s is known to serve the best fruit shakes in the island. 🙂

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  • Calel Noble

    I totally like how Ka Lui only uses the freshest produce sourced within the area of Palawan. Those prawns looks awesome!