Looking for an affordable hotel in Singapore is quite the challenge. I’ve been scouring hotel booking sites for the past two weeks, trying to score a good deal. But more than ever, I’m anxious for this trip. Imagining myself flying back to Manila by myself gets me depressed already. πŸ™

Well, at least I get to be with no one but Babe for a couple of days no? After this trip, I’ll see him again around December or January pa. I’m dead set on this. I’ll be in Singapore in a couple of months. I don’t like being away from someone I love, especially him.

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  • Hey Hanna! Have you checked the Bencoolen Area? Hotel 81 and Summer View, etc are pretty affordable. Pao resigned already? Whoa!

    • Hi Julls, have you stayed at those hotels? Which hotel would you recommend? πŸ™‚

      Currently looking at Value Hotel Nice or the one in Balestier Road. Hotel 81 Dickson and Rochor have fairly affordable rates too.

      Pao hasn’t resigned yet. I think he’ll file his resignation on May 16.

  • Lei

    Relate! Boyfriend’s leaving the country VERY soon and I wouldn’t know what to do without him around.

    • Oh no πŸ™
      How soon? Leaving for work?

      • Lei

        I think he’ll be leaving in 3 months. Yes, for work. 😐 The evils of attachment. Errr.

  • Mica

    make the most out of the time left! magsama na kayo lagi. nakakamiss, pero time flies. bukas bukas, di mo na rin mamamalayan ang oras! all the best for kuya pao πŸ™‚

    • I know! Less than two months na lang. Booo! Uwi ka na din Mica!

  • ayi

    OMG. :/

    mica’s right. be with each other as much as possible. live for the present.

    Good luck kay Pao! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ayie. πŸ™‚