Sweet Night at Conti’s

Conti’s Greenbelt

I don’t remember when I last saw my best friend so when she texted me one random Monday afternoon, I gladly accepted her invite to meet up later that night. I originally wanted to just hang out and have coffee. But as she is always hungry (haha!), we had to have dinner. She was craving for Conti’s and you never want to mess with a hungry flight attendant so Conti’s it was.

Salmone Pomodoro Pasta (Php175)

I had the Salmone Pomodoro Pasta, priced at Php175. I loved the saltiness the dish had to offer. It looked light but it was actually quite filling. Of course, if you have an appetite similar to a grown man’s, you can gobble this up in practically two minutes.

Royale Mango Salad (Php160)

Siz had the Royale Mango Salad. I’m not a fan of ripe mangoes on salads. She’s a fan of this salad so I guess for yellow mango lovers, this is a winning salad.

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