The Lay Bare Experience

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After weeks of deliberation, I finally tried out Lay Bare Waxing Salon. But no, I didn’t go for a Brazilian Wax. I simply availed of Underarm waxing and Upper Lip threading.

I went to the Lay Bare branch in Mall of Asia with no reservations. I’ve actually dropped by their Glorietta branch many times already but the long queue always turned me off. So out of impulsiveness, I traveled from Makati to Pasay and found their MOA branch less-packed and thus, more inviting.

There was another girl ahead of me but I only had to wait for like 10 minutes. They have five technicians working at the same time so service was pretty quick. I was expecting to hear minor screams or muffled cries while I was waiting for my turn but thankfully, the customers “getting their wax on” were quiet.

When it was my turn, my attendant, Trisha, brought me to the tiny room and asked me to undress. I removed my shirt since I was only having my underarm waxed. It was quick! Like, really. Trisha was very professional. She wasn’t chatty and snoopy–I like. 🙂

I wanted to get my eyebrows threaded to but said mine was still fine. The wax looked like a blob of honey. It smelled like one, too. It was sweet and totally painless.

The upper lip threading was a bit uncomfortable for me. It was my first time and the sound of the threads sent “bzzt.. bzzt” to my brain. Haha. Funny, I know.

I was done in less than 30 minutes. So quick, right? Well, I like my underarm waxing so I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. 🙂

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  • ANA

    You should've gone for the brazilian, i want to find out if it really hurts, post it when you do, haha

  • I'm still thinking about it Ana. Haha!