On Cheating

Having male friends who exude the typical machismo attitude can be annoying. For instance, since when is it fine for boys to tell me how they managed to cheat on their already-amazing girlfriends–and tell me the details of how they are pulling this off! Whenever this happens, I snap back at them faster than they could say f*ck. Seriously, the nerve to tell me about these things. Sheesh.

Having been cheated on hard in the past, I know how incredibly painful it is for their girlfriends. It especially sucks when I am friends with the girls. I will never completely understand why boys have to be a complete jerk. If you think your current girlfriend’s changed, if she’s gained a little weight, has stopped wearing makeup, getting too snoopy for your taste–cut the crap and just break up with her! That, dear men, is far more chivalrous and acceptable than bringing another girl in the picture to ruin everything.

Somehow, I know that men will cheat when they get the chance. Oh, especially so when the other woman is willing. Men will unravel the greatest of lies to make you feel secured when truth is, they have us wrapped around their finger. They will constantly throw lies and assurances because, truthfully, some women don’t respect themselves enough to stand their ground and simply say, “I’ve had enough of your lies. Have a grand time f*cking. Bye”.

Men should learn a thing or two about fidelity. What good will it bring to juggle two, three or four women? A man who cheats is a joke, a failure, a dirtbag. He is someone who never really loved us from the start. He is someone snoozing away right below the basement of humanity’s hierarchy. As if it wasn’t enough that they objectify us, they dice our hearts too.

Being experienced in the area, I know now what to do if ever that happens again–I’ll be shipping the asshole to Pluto with a sweet little note: “Don’t get an STD.”

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  • WORD! As someone who was cheated on in the past, I can so relate to what you wrote. I thought it was so beneath me, and I was so mad that he actually made me into that kind of girl. I know some people who do that too and I always feel so sorry for the girlfriends and wives. These men suck and are on the fast track to hell.

    • True that, Juls! I promised never to be “that” girl again–ever.

  • Lei

    Cheating is cheating, even though some guys might say it’s “unintentional.” Fuck that. I knew they loved it every single minute.

    Love this post!

    • Yes, they loved it. They don’t remember they have a girlfriend when they’re cheating. Source: he told me myself. LOL.