A Hearty Lunch at Amici

We went Italian for our not-so-regular Friday lunch out.  Sbarro was the first pick but we ended up at Amici in the Ayala Triangle Gardens after realizing that the nearest Sbarro from our office was 20 minutes away. Seriously, who wants to walk under the scorching midday sun? 😀

Spaghetti Ai Tesoro Del Mare

I had Spaghetti Ai Tesori Del Mare (Php295), a dish generously topped with mussels, clams and scallops. Olive oil-based pastas are my favorite because they’re not too heavy on the tummy.I used to be a carbonara girl, but my palate grew up, I guess. 🙂  It’s also mildly spiced, which I liked a lot. The bread (see I can’t even remember if it was garlic bread or simply buttered bread) was–nevermind.

The pasta that got the best feedback 🙂

I thought they went a little overboard with the diced tomatoes because a big blob of it was the only thing left on my plate (aside from the shells, of course). Oh well, maybe because the tomatoes kept falling off the fork as I ate. At least that’s something tomato-lovers would love. 🙂

Tutta Carne

The Tutta Carne (Php340) pizza, topped with Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni, is a great choice for meat lovers. I’m a thin-crust pizza girl so I’ve no complaints–plus they use  brick ovens to cook their pizzas! I like it when the edges of thin-crust pizzas are a little too toasted. I like the extra crunch. The downside in this pizza, however, was that there wasn’t that much mozzarella. Amici, are you penny-pinching your mozzarella-loving customers?

Bolognese (?) and Pesto

Here are what the other girls ordered. I didn’t get to taste the pasta on top, which I think is a bolognese. The pesto, however, I got to taste and I found it bland. Too tame, perhaps. There were two more pasta dishes but I forgot to take pictures of them. Boo.

By the way, Cara Mia Gelateria is right smack beside Amici. Well, Cara Mia is Amici + Red Ribbon anyway, so no surprise there.


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  • the aglio olio & spinach linguine ala puttanesca are soo good. 😀