Jumbo Seafood’s Chili and Pepper Crabs

Crabs are my second favorite seafood, with squid being the first. Heck, crabs were my mom’s food craving when I was in her tummy. 🙂 Anyway, it was the boyfriend’s sister who reminded us to try it out before we say goodbye to our week-long vacation.

On a Friday night, Babe’s Singapore-based uncle treated us to dinner at Jumbo Seafood, a seaside restaurant somewhere East Coast that serves one of the best Chili Crabs in Singapore.  We had Chilli and Pepper Crabs, and two more dishes that I absolutely cannot recall (sorry!). The service was super fast! While I would like to think that they have really efficient waitstaff, I can’t help but think that they were moving in full gear because they were closing in less than two hours when they seated us.

I’ll eat these pepper crabs any day!

The three of us happily cleaned and cracked our pepper crabs, which was served first. Seasoned heavily, I liked it a lot. It was spicy but not burning hot. It doesn’t leave you with tongues begging for water, just enough to prick you a little, for lack of a better word.

The Chili Crabs, meanwhile, came with a thick sauce that teetered close to being called a gravy. With that, de-shelling them were messier and ickier. In terms of taste, I found the pepper version more savory. Probably because the Chili Crabs relied on the thick sauce for flavor in contrast to the Pepper Crabs.

Closing time for Jumbo Seafood

Cracking open crab shells for close to two hours, we didn’t notice that we were one of the two groups left in the dining area. The staff managed to quickly stow away the other chairs and tables! Goodness. With that, we just had to leave. Our team of three lost to a five-plate array of Singaporean dishes. Tss. 😀

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