America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17: All-Stars

For the 17th time, America’s Next Top Model will once again banner their array of long-legged beauties eager for a shot at modeling fame. But this time around, they’re bringing back 15 fan favorites (or judges’) to prove once more that they are worthy of being dubbed America’s Next Top Model.

While I find this a little awkward because I’m pretty sure most of the girls are not as young anymore. Hence, they’re not really ideal models anymore, beating the purpose of finding America’s “next” top model. Or maybe this isn’t really about landing a big-time modeling gig but in giving the girls a chance at redemption, eh?

Dominique, Laura, Kayla, Bre, Sheena

They revealed the girls included in the lineup and I’m not exactly ecstatic over their choices–Shannon, Camille, Brittany, Bre, Lisa, Bianca, Dominique, Isis, Sheena, Allison, Laura, Angelea, Kayla and Alexandria. I’m not exactly digging them all but I love that they included Allison and Alexandria back.

Allison Harvard

Allison was meant to win that season’s title, of course, little miss wind-in-her-hair robbed her of that.

Alexandria (L) and Brittani (R)

I like Alexandria too because of her go-getter attitude. Too bad her film was edited to make her look like a bitch and also because she lost to Brittani, who was just as spoiled. I am hoping that Allison or Alexandria wins this season.

Jane Randall

Although I wish they brought Katarzyna, Anya, Jane, Chantal, Analeigh and Norelle back. đŸ™‚


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