Hungry For The Hunger Games?

People have been looking at what could be their next big obsession after Harry Potter. Twilight, by the way, is absolutely not an option since the book pales in comparison (at all levels) to Rowling’s unmatched wit and creativity. In addition, it’s also prepping up for its final movie(s).

Then comes The Hunger Games, the first of a trilogy. I honestly haven’t heard of the book  until buzz about Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth being cast as leads in the movie surfaced. I had to look it up online and see for myself what it’s all about–at least according to Wiki’s words.

Judging by the few reviews and plots I’ve read, it would be on a completely different level (versus HP, that is). That, however, makes it all the more interesting and exciting, don’t you think? This can be a nice change from broomsticks and cauldrons and vanishing cabinets. Picturing this “post-apocalyptic” world makes me think of how the last Tekken movie looked like. The Fallout 2 game also comes into mind. Haha. 😀

I guess if this is “it” that would temporarily make us forget that the HP saga is (indeed) over, I would be okay if it hogs what’s left of that spotlight.

Although I think it would be nice if they release more dynamic set photos instead of this:

Or this:

If you haven’t read the book (like me, for example), you’d easily assume that this is just another Percy Jackson movie or something.  Haha. 🙂 Anyway, I have to have that book before the movie comes out. Have you read the book yet?



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  • jessica

    ITs GREAT! and im in love with the character Peeta but i did not imagine him to look like Josh Hutcherson since in the book they described him blonde 😀
    i just realy hope the movie is a as great as the book 🙂

    • jessica

      i meant to say “book” not boo lol

    • I’ve read a lot about how they didn’t think Josh was the perfect Peeta. I don’t know how true is it since I haven’t read the book. Hihi. I better grab that book before the movie premiere 😀

  • gwapakho

    you have to read it (and i grew up with harry potter)
    i predict you will finish a book in one night, its such a pageturner