It Should Have Been A Jonathan-Adam Finale

Who here hasn’t been following the second season of Masterchef Australia? When the show aired on Star World, I immediately googled who won–why are we using “google” as a verb, by the way? You see, I have this sick obsession (well, not all the time) of knowing how a story will end before I get too attached with it.  So yeah, when I found out that Adam won the show and not my favorite, Jonathan Daddia, I was disappointed. But not enough to make me stop watching it.

I like Jonathan because he wasn’t likeable. He looks indifferent, stern and he had this deep, calm voice that seems devoid of warmth. Haha, what a weird way to like him, eh? I like that he was the dark horse, the underdog, the smug one, the cook nobody can’t seem to get rid of.

I loved him since he forced Devon out of the competition because of his insane whisking power. Do you remember that episode? I enjoyed watching Jonathan beat out contestants elimination after elimination too. Clearly, he was one of the more technically proficient cooks in the show. Too bad they let Jimmy move on instead of him!

Jonathan is sharp when it comes to remembering ingredients and in cooking up a sophisticated dish so I’m pretty sure the finale could have been a nail-biting episode if Adam was up against Jonathan.

While I would have wanted a Jonathan-Adam finale instead of Callum-Adam, I’m still happy that Adam won. I eventually liked Adam’s subdued personality. He always frowns, no? Plus, he’s Asian so I’m all for oriental support! Haha 🙂

The season was aired a year after it did in Australia. 


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